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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik
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          Title:   5. Osho's Tratak    download_trans.gif Download
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The traditional form and concept of Tratak is indeed that of concentration. And through concentration, as I told you, energy is generated and siddhis -- powers -- are developed; but that ultimate relaxation we are seeking, the meeting with God, does not happen. Concentration is a part and extension of the ego itself; through it you are not dissolved but strengthened. You are not melted but solidified like ice. Your powers increase, but not your bliss.What I am calling Tratak is not an experiment in concentration, but an experiment in just looking. Understand the difference. Traditional Tratak means focusing the whole mind on a single point -- it may be the sun, or a statue, or a point. The mind is to be narrowed down, so it does not run here and there. The whole flow of mind is turned into one direction, keeping it flowing just towards one point so that the whole mind focuses on one point only, without any diffusion. The effort is in fixing the mind to the one point; catching hold of it, pulling it back whenever it strays.?? But what I am calling Tratak is only for the name's sake. What I mean by tratak is that you become empty within, that you just look at me without any effort to force your mind towards me. You don't make any inner effort to look, you simply become empty and relaxed in this looking and then just look. You keep your unblinking eyes towards me, and through the eyes you do not have to come to me, I shall come to you through them. The eye is your door. But if you are too full inside, then there is no space. If you are empty within and your throne is unoccupied, then through the door of your empty eyes I can enter you.?? In traditional tratak the seeker was bringing his consciousness to the point, but in this tratak the seeker is not going anywhere, he is just becoming empty within, and his eyes are open so that I can enter. This is basically different. And this process of just looking is very unique, because when you are just looking, you are not even trying to do tratak -- because even in that doing the looking will be contaminated, waves of thought will intrude on the mind. When you are just looking your eyes become as empty as the sky. When you make no effort to look but only look, you become still and free of tension within.?? Sometimes, lying on the ground, just look at the sky. Don't think, and if there are clouds, don't look for images in them. Don't find horses and elephants in the clouds, don't think about anything; just look, as though your eye is simply the lens of a camera -- it can see but not think. You are lying there like a mirror, available to whatever is happening. All that happens in front of the mirror is reflected in it, but the mirror does not think about it; it does not think whether it is a black cloud or a white cloud, or whether it should have been like this or like that, or why there are clouds there, or if it is going to rain. No, don't think! Just look, just gaze, open-eyed. In a short while you will find that the outside sky has entered you, that the sky outside and the sky within you have merged to become the great sky. The thin wall that separates the two has disappeared, and now you will find no one inside. You will not even be able to find where is the within, where is the without. Where does within end and where does without begin? All boundaries have disappeared. You too are the sky.
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