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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik
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I am a modern man—in fact a little ahead of my time! I am going to use every possible means to spread the truth: newspapers, video, tape recorders, films, radio, television, satellite transmission, everything.

In such a mad world, meditation can be the only way to defend life on earth. The inner revolution has to be spread as quickly and as fast as possible. Moreover, I am a twentieth-century man—I don't believe in bullock carts. You can see my Rolls Royce!…

I don't go anywhere; there is no need now—that is out of date. I cannot reach many people by traveling, but now we have the media available. My word can go to the farthest corner of the earth—it is reaching already. Books are also old ways of reaching people; their days are also over. New methods have been evolved.

I will use films, television, videotapes, tapes, every modern technique to spread the message. I belong to the twentieth century totally, wholeheartedly. And I love this century; I am not against it. I love science and its technology.

Science has released tremendous power, but it has fallen into the wrong hands and the right hands are not there. We have to create the right hands; we have to create the right consciousness for that.

Yaa HOo.....
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