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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik
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          Title:   5. A rose is a rose is a rose    download_trans.gif Download
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Ordinarily people think that they are sharing, but they don't have anything to share -- no poetry in their heart, no love. In fact when they say they want to share, they don't want to give, because they don't have anything to give. They are in search of getting something from the other and the other is also in the same boat. He is searching to get something from you, and you are searching to get something from him. Both are in a way trying to rob the other of something. Hence the conflict between lovers, the tension; the continuous tension to dominate, to possess, to exploit, to make the other a means for your pleasure; somehow to use the other for your gratification. Of course we hide in beautiful words. We say, 'We want to share,' but how can you share if you don't have

So enjoy this space, aloneness. Don't fill it with past memories and don't fill it with future imagination and fantasy. Let it be as it is -- pure, simple, silent. Delight in it; sway, sing, dance... a sheer joy of being alone.

And don't feel guilty. That too is a problem because lovers always feel guilty. If they are alone and they are happy, .they feel a certain guilt. They think, 'How can you be happy when your lover is not with you?' -- as if you are cheating the person. But if you are not happy when you are alone, how can you be happy when you are together? So it is not a question of cheating anybody.

In the night when nobody is looking at the plant, at the rosebush, it is preparing the rose. Deep down in the earth the roots are preparing the rose. Nobody is looking there. If the rosebush thinks, 'I will show my roses only when people are around,' then it will not have anything to show. It will not have anything to share, because what you can share has first to be created and all creativity is in dark aloneness.

So let this aloneness be a womb, and enjoy and delight in it; don't feel that you are doing something wrong. It is a question of attitude and approach. Don't give it a wrong interpretation. It need not be sorrowful. It can be tremendously peaceful and blissful. It depends on you.
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