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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik
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          Title:   5. Video Nadabrahma Meditation    download_trans.gif Download
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An ancient Tibetan Buddhist technique which was originally done in the very early hours of the morning. It is suggested that it should be done either at night before going to sleep or during the morning, when it should be followed by at least 15 minutes rest. It can be done alone with others of even at work. It is good done on an empty stomach with eyes closed otherwise the inner sound cannot go very deep.

First stage: 30 minutes music. Sit in a relaxed position with eyes closed, lips together. Begin to hum loudly enough to create a vibration throughout the entire body. It should be loud enough to be heard by others. You can alter pitch and inhale as you please and if the body moves allow it, providing that the movements are smooth and slow. Visualize your body as a hollow tube an empty vessel filled only with the vibrations of the humming. A point will come where the humming occurs by itself and you become the listener. The brain is activated and every fiber cleansed. It is particularly useful in healing.

Second stage: 15 minutes music. Move the hands, palms up, in a circular outward motion. The right hand moves to its right the left to its left. Make these circles large, moving as slowly as possible. At times the hands will appear not to be moving at all. If needed, the rest of the body can move but also slowly and silently. After 71/2 minutes when the music changes move the hands in the opposite direction: that is, with the palms down, moving in circular directions inwards towards the body. Move the hands for another 71/2 minutes. As the hands move outwards feel energy moving away from the body and as they circle inwards, imagine taking energy in.

Third stage: 15 minutes silence. Sit or lie down absolutely still and quiet.



Osho has given a beautiful variation of this technique to couples. Partners sit facing one another, holding one another‘s crossed hands. A bedsheet must cover both the bodies and it is best with no other clothing. The room should be fairly dark with four small candles giving the only light. A particular incense should be burning which is used only for this meditation. The same incense should be used on each occasion. Facing one another, hands both crossed and clasped,  the couple should close the ayes and continue humming for 30 minutes. The humming is to be done together. After a minute or two the breathing and humming will merge in unison and the energies will be felt to meet and unite.
Humming is one of the basic secrets to bridge the body/mind, because sound is the basic element of both. When you are humming, the body is humming -- subtle layers of the body vibrate and the mind is humming. By and by they both start falling into one step, into harmony, into a deep love affair -- a sort of orgasmic state between body and mind.

When you are humming a sound you fall into harmony. The sound becomes a vibration in your body/mind and by and by, slowly, the body and mind fall into a rapport. Their conflict ceases; in that cessation of the conflict, energy is saved.

Energy is being wasted continuously, because there is continuous conflict. The body wants to do one thing -- the mind wants to do something else. One moment the mind wants to do this -- another moment it wants to do that.

The body and mind are almost like two enemies, and the so-called religions help this antagonism. They have not dissolved it -- in fact they have created it more and more. They have made it almost unbridgeable, because they all condemn the body; they are all against the body. They think that the body is the sin, so the body has to be crushed, controlled, disciplined. The body has to be forced to be a slave and the mind has to declare its mastery. The mind is the real culprit -- the body is innocent; the body has never done anything wrong.

It is the mind that has led humanity into wrong paths, but the so-called religions are in favour of the mind and against the body. They have created a conflict inside and that conflict is continuously on -- waking, sleeping, the conflict continues. And that conflict, naturally, dissipates much energy. Great energy is wasted and nothing is achieved out of that friction, because man can achieve only when there is a unity.

United you are victorious. Divided you fall -- united you stand.

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