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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik
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          Title:   8. Osho walking with zen style    download_trans.gif Download
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Science has discovered black holes in existence. You cannot see them; there is nothing to see. You can see only one thing: if some planet comes close to black holes, it is simply sucked in, and it disappears out of existence. That is the death of the planet. Because of the black holes, some scientists have assumed there must be white holes which give birth to new planets. That seems to be logical because in existence there is always a polarity. Black holes are almost certain. White holes are still a hypothesis. Even if a nuclear third world war does happen on the earth, and if man is stuck and cannot evolve more, then some black hole will simply suck it up.

Black holes are one of the most mysterious things in physics. We don't know anything yet, and perhaps we may not ever know anything, because we cannot go inside them. Once you are gone, then you are gone forever. You cannot return.

Those black holes are meant to decreate -- and they are doing their work. Every day some planet, some sun, dies, and the way it dies is by being sucked up by a black hole. It is just like death: death is a black hole into which you are sucked. But you are born into another womb. Perhaps there are white holes; perhaps on the other side of the black hole, there is a white hole. So on this side the old is dismantled, destroyed, and on the other side a new planet, with new potential, with new hopes, with new aspirations, is born.
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