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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik
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          Title:   6. Osho enjoying sunlight    download_trans.gif Download
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Self-knowledge happens to a clear mind, not to a mind filled with knowledge, not to a mind filled with judgments of good and bad; not to a mind filled with beauty, ugliness, but to a mind that is without words. Self-knowledge happens to a wordless mind. It is always there, you only need a clarity of mind to perceive it so that it can be reflected; you need a mirrorlike mind so that the reflection becomes possible.

When you are filled with light you can help. Really, then there is no need to make any effort to help. Help flows from you just as light flows from a lamp, or fragrance comes out of a flower, or the moon shines in the night -- no effort on the part of the moon, it just flows naturally.

When there is no effort, then it is a blooming. Then it is just like a flower blooming, there is no effort to bloom. A Buddha speaks -- no effort, it just happens! It is a natural phenomenon when Buddha is speaking. When you are speaking it is not a natural phenomenon, other things are involved: you want to impress the other, you want to change the other; you want to control, manipulate the other, you want to dominate the other; you want to give the impression that you are a man of knowledge -- you want to feed your ego. Many other things are involved. You are not blooming. It is a great political game when you talk, there is a strategy in it, tactics.

A Buddha blooms, a Jesus blooms, and the whole world is benefited. But you go on trying to benefit others and nobody is benefited, rather you do harm. The world would be better if there were less mischievous people around changing and transforming it. All the revolutions have simply done harm, and every reform has led into a deeper mess.
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