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dancing.gifhi.... all ur screensavers is simply superb.... its very nice....

From : Karthik
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          Title:   5. Osho on the snowy mountain    download_trans.gif Download
ScrShot:   screenurl
There is a sea over which waves come and go, but the sea remains the same. The waves are not separate from the sea, but the waves are not the sea. Waves are only forms born on the sea, just appearances which take form and die. A wave that remains a wave forever cannot be called a wave. The word `wave' means it dies as soon as it is born. That from which the wave arises is always there, but that which arises is not. This is a dance of the transitory on the breast of the eternal. The sea is unborn; the wave is taking birth. The sea never dies; the wave always dies. The moment the wave knows that it is the sea, it goes beyond the chain of life and death. But as long as the wave believes that it is a wave it is within the possibility of birth and death.

God means the whole, the total, everything -- whatever is. What is cannot have a shore, because there remains nothing else to form the coast. Therefore God is everywhere; there is no shore. One who is ready to drown is saved. One who tries to be saved, drowns.

We are in it. We are in what we are trying to find.

You are an immortal. You have not seen it, but you ARE an immortal. There is no death: you are deathless. The SKY is deathless: only clouds are born and die. Rivers are born and die: the sea is deathless. So are you.
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